Stock Prep Equipments

The basis weight valve is the most critical component on the wet end of a paper machine producing fine paper. This valve modulates the flow of stock as it is mixed with white water on its way to the head box, as well as forming wire where the sheet begins to take shape 

Vacuum Pumps are usually configured to operate as both vacuum pumps and compressors through a series of valves. They either create a vacuum or a pressure in the void volume above the pond level to control the static head in the headbox. 

Small debris in the approach system can cause quality problems, like coating streaks or other visual defects, and production problems such as web breaks. Thick stock screening removes impurities before they can enter the paper machine approach system. With high-consistency screening, all the stock components entering the machine chest are screened with narrow slots of 0.15-0.25 mm. 

Stock Preparation Machines are used for preparing the stock for producing paper and paper products. Stock is a slurry that is produced out of raw materials like bagasse or recycled paper. This slurry is processed and it undergoes several operations with the help of different machines.