About Us

 A global trading company since 2007  

 Our Group conducts international trade, industrial and consumer products across the world. Our roots go back to 2007, when Mr. Aryan Khanna started the company in MAURITIUS,  His original business philosophy continued to grow the company in Africa, Asia, and later partnership with Mr. Mario Wendt in Germany and Europe

  Now Marian GbR sources forest products from leading suppliers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas for customers all over the world. As a trading company, we buy and sell machinery, equipment, and complete plants to the global pulp and paper industry.   


Our product range comprises both industrial and consumer products. The main product groups are: 

Global network 


The worldwide activities of Marian GbR are managed and coordinated from our headquarters in Haselünne, Germany. The headquarters manages management, sales divisions, financing, risk management, and shipping departments. 

 Yulan Intl Ltd is the parent company of Marian GbR Group and consolidates the activities of the these business areas. This company consists of the financial, business development, HR, and Corporate communication functions. The company is led by the CEO, Mr. Aryan K Khanna

Core vision 

Driven by continuous adjustment, development and improvement of our business acumen, our vision is to always provide business partners with added and sustainable value.