Coated Paper machine

Paper Coating Machine  


Width: 2685mm(on reel)

Production capacity: 430ton/day

Type:Vari-dwell Coater

No. of Coating Head :4 Heads 

Type of Application H-1,2 : Fountain Lip H-3,4 (DF-1,2) : Direct Fountain 

Type of Metering H-1,2 : Bent Blade / Metering Rod H-3.4(DF-1,2) : Curtain 

Sheet Width 2,000 ~ 2,685 mm

Dryer Section Scaf Dryer 5pcs+Cylinder 4pcs Scaf Dryer 5pcs+Cylinder 6pcs

Cylinder Ø1,820

Product Data Paper Grade Coated Paper

Basic Weight 80~300gsm(Main:100~150gsm)

Design Speed 1,300m/min At 100gsm

Max. OP Speed 1,200m/min At 100gsm

Product Avg.450 ton/day At 100gsm

( Process Data)

Paper Ash Content 12~22%

Type of Pigment Clay / CaCO3

Sheet Moisture 4.5 ~ 5.0%(Before Coating) 5.0~6.2%(On Reel)

Coating Color

Coating Weight 36~60 gsm Both Side

Application Medium

Pigment(Clay / CaCo3) Binder (Latex / Starch) Chemical Additives 

Solid Content 56~70%(Avg.67%)

Viscosity Pre Color : 1,500~2,500 mPas Top Color : 300~600 mPas