Pulp Mill Equipments

Agitators are equipment that induces flow and shear to a fluid or material, which causes the fluid to homogenize. Mixers are used to blend two or more components rapidly. 

Paper pulp digester is main equipment used to make chemical pulp. It is to cook raw materials of papermaking (For example, wood, grass, bamboo, etc.) to produce the pulp mainly containing the cellulose by chemical interaction with the cooking liquor. 

The pulp dryer is the final stage in the process for producing the specified end product in a pulp mill. The pulp slurry is drained on the 'wire' to create a continuous pulp web, and the wet web passes through a press section to squeeze out excess water before finally passing through a heated drying section. 

The function of the pulper is to gently slush the recycled paper raw material into a pumpable pulp, which is suitable for processing in stock preparation while facilitating the efficient removal of contaminants from the pulp.