Marian Group

An International Trades Group

The global business facilitators

 Marian Group focuses on business in areas such as AutoMobiles, the Paper and Pulp industry, Used or New Machine Parts, and Spices. Our business concept is as advanced today as we started 15 years ago. It’s about connecting buyers and sellers and helping them to make good deals. That’s what our trading specialists do every day for companies around the globe.

Home Decor and Office decorative Handicrafts from INDIA
Paper and Pulp Mills plant and equipment. (used or new)
Fresh and Rare Spices, Herbs 

Marian GbR sources products from leading suppliers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas for customers all over the world. we provide business expertise that makes life easier for buyers and sellers of automotive, Machines equipment etc

A Great Team builds A great relationships

 “If you make the customer a promise… make sure you deliver it.” – Merv Griffin